Hear is how it all started

Our Story

When Onomojis founder Sarah O’Hanlan Beasley saw how much her two children enjoyed emojis, she let them talk. Education degree in hand, Sarah guided them toward discussing the role emojis play in their books, games, art and language. Then came the question: “how can you see sounds?” With traditional emojis, the sound was a guess, and plain words were not as fun.

They decided to figure it out together, and eventually brainstormed what would become the Onomojis brand. In 2016, Sarah began working earnestly on the Onomojis characters late at night, between meetings and in the carpool line. Influenced by the visual feel of comic book sound clouds, Sarah created suites of characters that were digital icons for onomatopoeia: emojis you can see and hear.

Onomojis is a natural extension of Sarah’s professional and personal interests. It joins her vibrant creative career in technology marketing, communication and design. Onomojis also adds to her “Coolest Aunt Ever” qualifications, which include being a Barnes and Noble kids section expert and tapped into current youth culture.

Inspired by her two children, Sarah hopes they get to experience their idea come to fruition. Whether Onomojis live out their own stories in books or playfully engage in apps and games, they will be a testament to curiosity, passion and working hard. Yippee!

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