Welcome to the World of Onomojis™

Owner of the official Onomojis™ brand now available for licensing. Our complete set of unique, sound-based digital icons serve educators, publishers, game developers, and consumer goods manufacturers.

Endless Possibilities for the Classroom

Multi-sensory onomatopoeias to broaden your students English and Language Arts expression

Endless Possibilities for Children's Literature

Poetic series of kid lit allows children to explore creativity and modern communication

Endless Possibilities for Digital Apps and Games

Untapped series of characters. Inspired by unlimited ways to communicate.

Endless Possibilities for Consumer Products

Supplying your next product with a new twist on the popularity of digital messaging

We are Onomojis

Onomojis™ are unique sound-based digital icons that convey their meaning using sight and sound. They are the beginning of a new wave in emoji iconography where sound, words and expression are added to bring greater impact to the globally accepted visual form.




Onomojis.com is the vision of Noisees founder, Sarah O’Hanlan Beasley. We’re the first site of Noisees, LLC, an exciting new start-up that is bringing digital onomatopoeia characters to the world.

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